This Is What Bed Time With A Baby Looks Like

I think all mums have gone through this at some point, unless you’re one of those rare breeds who have baby who sleeps 12 hours a night every night without fail. (And if that’s you then… in the nicest possible way, I don’t want to know.)


Until recently, Freddie would get tired around 6pm, so i’d take him into bed and feed him to sleep. Simple. He may wake up once before me and my partner go to bed but usually he would be soundo until 11pm ish.

That is until the sleep regression entered our lives and had to piss all over it.

Now it goes a little like this:

Baby: *rubs eyes and whines out of tiredness*

Me: Oh, you’re tired huh? Okay, lets go to bed.

Baby: Haha, next joke mother.

Me: *feeds him for about an hour before he falls asleep*

Me: *ninja rolls out of bed and runs out of the room*

Me: *huge sigh of relief, settles down on the sofa to watch Desperate Housewives* (Which may I add has taken me about 4 months to get to series 3 #mumlife)


Me: Oh, he’s hungry again, no worries, I’ll just feed him for a bit and he will be fine.

Baby: *laughs hysterically in an evil manor.*

*2 hours later, I leave the bedroom with tears running down my face, a sore nose from being punched several times and a few scratches on my neck (I really need to trim his nails again, maybe tomorrow if I remember)*

Me: *collapses on the sofa and goes to finish the episode of Desperate Housewives that I’ve been trying to watch for about 4 days now.*

(If im lucky I get to finish this episode AND start another episode, yippee its like winning the lotto)

And in enters my partner, he finishes work quite late most nights so lets assume this is one of those nights. Our front door really needs oiling and as a result you have to slam it rather loudly for it to shut. So, *inserts loud slam*.

Partner: Honey, I’m home!!!

Me: *clenches teeth and waits for the inevitable wake up from the baby*

*silence, thank god, maybe he’s eventually settled into a nice deep milk coma* (Baby that is, not my partner!)

*Me and partner enjoy a nice cuddle on the sofa and talk about how our days have gone*



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Answering The Common Questions On Baby Led Weaning

Baby led weaning. Or as my dad calls it, ‘bacon, lettuce, womatoes’.

When I was pregnant I’d heard briefly about this BLW thing on several mum groups on Facebook. At first, I didn’t take any notice. I was going to ‘traditional wean’. Introduce baby rice at 6 months and gradually introduce puree along with it.

Well, Freddie was a couple months old when I saw BLW mentioned again on a group and I thought ‘right, lets see what the fuss is about.’ So, I read through articles, blog posts, people’s personal experiences and I thought it was so cool! And it just made complete sense to me. But I had the same concerns most people have at first.

Wont he choke?!

Nope. If your baby is 6 months (or thereabouts) then his gag reflex should be developed by then. Most babies gag, regardless of BLW or traditional weaning and this is very normal (and scary!). If your baby is coughing and making sounds then he is not choking. Obviously there are some precautions you should take such as cutting up grapes, olives and other small things…

How do I know if he’s getting enough?

Okay, I’m about to say something really absurd and shocking…

Trust your baby. *gasps of shock* If your baby is ready for solids then your baby will feed himself what he needs. Obviously that doesn’t take into account babies who may be developmentally behind but generally speaking your baby will know exactly what he needs and wants. Like I said, I too had the same concerns and admittedly it is hard to get your head around the idea. For years we have been in control of everything our babies do, including their food in take, so letting go and putting your trust into a baby who doesn’t know his arse from his elbow is hard but its so worth it!

Surely I can’t give him everything we eat?!

Well, I mean, maybe try to avoid KFC and chocolate milkshake for the first few years but assuming you have a fairly balanced and varied diet then yes your baby can eat everything you are eating apart from honey which should be avoided for the first year! (Something to do with bacteria…) There’s an incredibly old fashioned myth around that tells us we should only introduce things slowly and one at a time. Long story short, this is basically unnecessary and recent research suggests that unless there are known allergies there is no reason to restrict certain foods!

There are many things I love about BLW. (the mess isn’t one of them though!) And one of them is how easy it is to go out for a meal! We can just strap him into his chair, order him something from the menu and he can tuck in to his food whist we all eat as a family!

From day one Freddie has had a massive variety of food and he tries something new most days. Here are some pictures!



If you’re not entirely convinced, I don’t blame you, because at first glance the thought of a baby feeding themselves seems ridiculous. But it has so many amazing benefits and it’s just so easy, I would recommend it to anyone!


Thank you for reading this post, please stay tuned!

See you soon! 🙂


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