5 Things Everyone With A Baby Needs

When I was pregnant I searched the internet to find out what I need to be a parent. Bouncers, playmats, a lovely expensive pram, bottles, and a machine thing that makes the bottles up for you were the things I kept coming across that I apparently needed.

Well, it turns out I needed none of them so I thought I’d write my own list for parents-to-be. (We did have a playmat and bouncer but they lasted 5 minutes)

1- A sling. 

Okay, so originally babywearing was only something that weirdos did. (Admittedly I am one of those weirdos but shh) However they are becoming more and more popular due to how bloody useful they are. Everyone knows how much newborn babies enjoy cuddles, and as lovely as these cuddles are, for most of us sitting on the sofa all day long cuddling our babies just isn’t practical especially when there is a massive pile of dishes to do, tea to make and about 28 loads of washing piles to sort out. Well, a sling is an amazing solution for this minor dilemma. Some babies are perfectly content with lying in their moses baskets whilst you get on with your housework and daily tasks however most of us are blessed with little bundles of love who would disagree with the concept of lying down peacefully for an hour or so while you get on with things.

Stretchy wraps are perfect for newborns up until 6ish months. Here is a photo of 3 week old Freddie in the sling.


When Freddie was around 3 months we bought a Tula and newborn insert to use too. It took a while to adjust to a buckle carrier after being so used to a wrap but now I love it, especially now that we dont have to faff around with the insert too. (He grew out of that around 4/5 months.)

12015149_10206832923397125_8538929846280252809_oHere he is on my back, we started back carrying around 5-6 months. This is perfect for when he’s having a cranky day and I need to get on with housework or cooking etc.


2- Breast pads and nursing bras/vests. 

Breast pads are a must especially for the first few weeks. Luckily I wasn’t much of a leaker but I know lots of breastfeeding mommas who still use them 6+ months into their breastfeeding journey.

I didn’t think nursing bras were necessary and were just ugly souvenirs of motherhood. But nope, they are very much necessary. (To most mums anyway). For the first few months I just wore my normal bras however the under wiring caused persistent mastitis so I have since ditched the bras and just wear nursing vests instead. (I can’t believe I’ve just told you all that, don’t worry my boobs are still at a normal-ish level and haven’t reached my knees yet.)

3- A supportive partner

Whether that supportive partner is your other half, your mum, your best friend or a random person you grabbed from the street, it is so important to have that support within the first few weeks-months who can take charge of all the less important things like cooking and cleaning while you and your baby get to know eachother and establish feeding. Obviously things get harder when there are other children but I haven’t crossed that bridge yet!

4- Babygrows, vests, socks and cardigans. And lots of ’em. 

For the first few months you probably won’t bother dressing your baby in anything other than cute babygrows and cardi’s. After all, they spend most of the day sleeping, and lets be honest, who likes sleeping in jeans?!

Here is Freddie at 4 weeks old looking gorgeous.


5- Facebook groups

Joining Facebook groups is essential. Especially if you’re breastfeeding. There are loads of breastfeeding groups that are amazing. I joined a few when I was about 6 months pregnant and if it wasn’t for those groups then I would have probably given up breastfeeding in the early weeks. These Facebook groups equipped me with everything I needed to know before Freddie even got here. There are also many other Facebook groups for parenting.

A list of my favourite groups are here

  • UK Breastfeeding and Parenting Support
  • Gentle Parenting UK
  • Slings and Off Topic Discussion
  • Babywearing Spotted


So, if you are reading this and you’re a mum-to-be I hope that was somewhat useful. And if you’re reading this and you are already a mum, leave a comment and tell me your top 5 essentials!


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9 thoughts on “5 Things Everyone With A Baby Needs

  1. Courtney says:

    My top 5:
    1. Good and comfy nursing bras!
    2. Lansinoh lanolin for sore, cracked nipples
    3. Swaddles
    4. Good quality breast pump
    5. Boppy pillow

    4 out of the 5 things are breastfeeding related, but it really seems like that’s about all you do the first few months 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Roxi says:

    I still leak LIKE A TAP at almost 7 months!
    And I totally agree with Facebook groups! So much support and you can almost guarantee someone will be up at the same stupid time of night as you!

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  3. Michelle Herron says:

    My top 5 things for a newborn
    1: Sling – we had a Moby in those first few months, it was a lifesaver especially with 2 older girls under 5 to run around after
    2: Muslin Cloths – millions of them. Good for burps, changing mats, impromptu covers for feeding in public (if you feel more comfortable being covered of course, nowadays I just flop it out)and even making a sun hat out of when you’ve left the house without one
    3: Biscuits – i had a packet of Jaffa Cakes or chocolate digestives in every room of the house. I was RAVENOUS in those early days
    4: Water: for the unquenchable thirst breastfeeding gives you
    5: Unscented shower gel/bath bubbles – bit of a weird one but I felt like she hated the fragrance of my favourite smellies, so unscented was the way to go for us 🙂

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  4. Eleventh Monkey says:

    1) Nursing bras, widenecked shirts, disposable pads
    Babel needs easy access to his milk whenever he’s hungry or thirsty. So a widenecked shirt and a nursing bra are musts. As are the bra pads, I keep leaking through the reusable ones, only the diaper-like disposable ones will contain my milk ;).

    2) Pillows
    I feed Babel in the rugbyball hold, so I always need lots of pillows to get us both comfortable during breastfeeding.

    3) Muslins
    To keep Babel clean, to keep the boob semi-covered in public, and to keep Babel comforted and entertained.

    4) Ergo Carrier
    We live on the third floor in an apartment building without an elevator. We have a lovely buggy travel system, and nowhere to store it on the ground floor. Babel and I go on daily walks, but I carry him in the Ergo Carrier. There’s no way I can carry all that downstairs and back upstairs myself. It’s already a lot of work with two people and the Ergo Carrier is just so much more convenient and cosy.

    5) iPhone
    When you’re stuck on the couch with a sleeping baby on your body and you want to do groceries on Ocado, buy baby items on Amazon, take a photo of your sleeping little one and upload it to Instagram, talk to your friends or family on FaceTime, Facebook or through text, call the doctor, research all the baby related things on the internet, watch a show on Netflix, watch a music clip on YouTube, read and comment on blogs and so many more things. My iPhone has been my lifeline to the outside world, my lifesaver, my entertainment, and even a baby soother.


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