It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

… Oh wait, we live in Plymouth.

I’m so bloody jealous of all the places that get snow, we wouldn’t be able to leave the flat if we did get snow but that’s not the point. I WANT SNOW. Instead we are just left with shitty ice and rain.

Anyway, now that’s out of the way, I’m sooooooo excited for Christmas. It’s our first Christmas with Freddie and I know I’m gonna end up unwrapping the presents for him (the ones that have taken me about 4 hours altogether to wrap) but who cares.

This year we are going for a white tree. I used to think they were awfully tacky but there’s something about them that I like. Growing up, we never had a fake tree. Every year we would go and pick the perfect Christmas tree but this year is a different story and is the beginning of new traditions with my partner and Freddie in tow. A real tree just isn’t practical when you live in a flat and would have to lug it up the stairs, they are expensive and also I don’t want to risk the thingys falling on the floor (you know what I mean, the sharp needle thingys)

This Christmas we will be going between families. We will wake up at our place, unwrap a few goodies, have a nice breakfast of smoked salmon and scrambled eggs and then get take a short ferry ride across to my partner’s mums. We’re having Christmas Lunch there and then we will be travelling back to my mum’s for the afternoon/early evening.

This year we get two Christmas dinners and I don’t have to cook any of them *fist bump*. My family have always eaten Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve and then had a nice big buffet on Christmas Day. My parents started this tradition when my oldest brother was a few years old as my mum was fed up of slaving away in the kitchen all day for none of the food to really get eaten as everyone was stuffed on sweeties and my brother just wanted to play with his new toys. So we will be going round my parents place on Christmas Eve too to have a nice Christmas dinner. We also get a table present with our meal, nothing big, just something small and usually a funny sort of gift.

I’m such a kid when it comes to Christmas, I usually get excited mid November time when the Christmas shopping commences. However the past couple years I’ve started Christmas shopping early October to split the cost. Freddie will only be 9 months old so we haven’t gone OTT with his presents; he has a few books, toys, stuff for the bath and a big sensory box with random household items I’ve bought for him including things like wooden spoons, pastry brushes and I’ve also included other sensory toys that I’ve made like sensory bottles with different liquids and items in them.

We haven’t put the decorations up yet, my partner gets paid in a few days time then we will be buying the tree and Christmas will have officially arrived in our house.

Here is our advent calender my mum made for us!


I’ll be sure to make a post including pictures when we have decorated the place so keep an eye out!

Leave a comment, I’d love to know your Christmas traditions!


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4 thoughts on “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

  1. Oh that advent calendar is gorgeous. We also have a home made one (not by me sadly!!) Please make the most of every second of Freddie’s first Christmas, the time just goes so quickly. My youngest is 18 months now and she is much more excited for Christmas this year but we’ll never have a first Christmas again in this house and I do look back fondly on both of the girls’ first Christmases.x


  2. It will be Babel’s first Christmas too, but our tree (also white) will stay in the closet this year. Because we’re staying with relatives in the Netherlands most of December. Bit sad I don’t get to decorate his first Christmas myself, but not having to go through the hassle and clean up in January is nice when taking care of a baby. Happy Holiday Season!

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