Bad Days And How To Deal With ‘Em

We all have them. We all have those days when we feel inadequate or feel like we cant do it anymore.

Like the other week, when Freddie did the stinkiest poo known to man. Spinach, blame the spinach. I vowed to myself that he was never having spinach again until he can wipe his own arse.

But in all seriousness, it’s normal to have those days when you just want to run away and hide. If you don’t have those days you’re either not doing your job properly or you’re taking some amazing pills. (I want some!)

I think it’s how we deal with our random outbursts of anger and frustration on our bad days that is more important. For some reason society views it as absurd and strange to apologise to our babies and children. I feel it is so important to respect our children and apologise to them first, how else are they going to respect and apologise to us? 5a2b8be88e3ce4a001b08e08d4be7398

So I’ve made a short list on how you can turn a bad day into a positive one!

1- When you’re having a good day write down everything you’re happy about and grateful for.

Keep it in a safe place and then when you’re feeling crappy take a quick look at it and remind yourself of these things that make you happy.

2- Hug someone cute.

Honestly it works wonders. Whether that’s your baby, your boyf or the hot pizza delivery guy. You’ll feel brilliant after.

3-Put some feel good music on.

80s music is my go-to, they were always so happy in the 80s, why is that?! Maybe it was because it was constantly raining men.

4-Do something for yourself.

I know its hard sometimes. Especially if you’re a mum as it feels like you can’t do anything without a baby or child or a thing in the background with a big arrow pointing to themselves shouting ‘me me me me me!’ But do something for yourself, eat a chocolate bar, have a bath, put your favourite lippy on, do some yoga, have sex… I dunno just do something for yourself!

5- Go for a walk. 

A walk is a brilliant distraction and the fresh air works wonders.

But most of all, love yourself and believe that tomorrow will be better.


I hope you enjoyed reading, please leave a comment and come back soon!


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