Routine? What’s That?

So, everyone I come across always asks me this same bloody thing. I don’t know why it’s a big deal.

‘What’s his routine?’


Erm, huh? What the flying fudge is that? Routine? That’s laughable. As you have probably worked out, we don’t have ‘routine.’ Over time he has set his own sort of routine but it’s still very vague. He likes to go to bed around 6-7pm sometimes earlier as he gets very tired around then. But that is literally all our routine consists of. He has a bath when he needs one, he has boob when he needs one, he has food when we have food.

Me and my partner are the least organised people ever and we just play everything by ear. Routine is our worst nightmare. We like to have the freedom to know we can do what we want, when we want without having to be home by a certain point.

When Freddie was a newborn up until he was a few months old, life was bliss. Me and the man could pop him in the sling and go out to dinner and he would sleep aaaaaaaall the way through it blissfully. We could go shopping, go for walks, grab food, you name it. Whilst other new mums were at home panicking about how its 6:58pm and she only had 2 more minutes to get her baby to sleep, I was probably stuffing my face with food at a restaurant with Freddie in the sling.

For some people routine is necessary, for us it would be awful. Everything about a routine makes me feel depressed and anxious. And bored.

Maybe as Freddie grows up a routine may be more necessary but right now we are happy being 100% baby led and I hope we can stick with it throughout his childhood.

Anyway, let me know what your ‘routine’ is, thank you for stopping by and leave a comment!

See you soon 🙂


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11 thoughts on “Routine? What’s That?

  1. Aah I love routines. It took until around 11 months before we got semi regular nap times but we had a bedtime ritual from around 3 months. We’ve also started a new weekly wheel so for example on Mondays we go shopping in the morning, clean the bathroom, bake a cake and some savoury snacks in the afternoon. Tuesdays and Thursdays we go for long walks in the afternoon together. Wednesday is our day devoted entirely to play together – apart from cooking all I do is stuff with Izzy unless he is asleep. Most mornings I bake bread while he naps. Every day (bar Wednesday) has a chore and we do them together – he loves helping knead braead, tidying up, helping clean the floor and windows, peeling carrots (badly) – he’s only 14 months but as he gets older he will start to use a dustpan and brush, stir cakes, crack eggs, wash salad etc. x

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    • See, I read your comment and think it sounds lovely but I’m the least organised and most forgetful person to have ever lived after the second day the whole thing would be out the window lol xx


      • We have a wheel on our fridge door and I spin it every morning 😄 I first put all our ‘musts’ on it, so Friday is always free for appointments, baby group on Tuesday, shopping on Monday, Thursday’s free to see people. Then I added a cleaning chore a day and just modify it when I see fit. It works well and means the house is always tidy and hopefully as he gets bigger he will get excited looking toward to things ‘yay, it’s curry night tonight’ ‘oh Sunday roast tomorrow and a bike ride with dad afterwards’ etc. I grew up with very little routine and always craved it though ☺️

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      • That sounds fab! See, we go to baby groups a few times a week and we are always busy doing something so it’s not as if we dont do anything lol, we just prefer having a laid back approach to things and being flexible x


  2. I’ve never been a big fan of routines, they make me feel trapped, but I’ve always been organized. I enjoy it.

    After Babel was born I quickly gave up control and became a completely baby-led parent and it has been a really rewarding and relaxing journey. I feel lucky to be able to do this because I have friends and family in the Netherlands, Japan, and States where maternity leave is much, much shorter than here in the UK. So they have been forced to put their babies on routines very early on and often it is quite the struggle.

    Our only routine these days is that at 23:00 we all get ready for bed together. My husband and I take Babel to his room to change his diaper, and put on his pajamas. Then we take turns getting ready for bed while the other spends time with Babel in our bed. Then at 23:30 my husband goes to sleep and I breastfeed Babel to sleep. He usually sleeps around midnight and I put him in his bassinet next to me (he always ends up in the big bed before morning after a feed sometime in the middle of the night). Babel sleeps until 10:00 most days but he can last longer, even until noon.

    Most other babies I know go to bed early and wake up early. Babel apparently likes to be up in the evenings. It makes sense to me because that’s when his dad is home and he loves to play with him.

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  3. That is so similar to us! Although Freddie is usually knackered come 6pm so I’ll feed him to sleep in bed. He wakes up a couple times a night for feeds and then is usually awake at 7ish for a play and then sleeps until 10-11!

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  4. I was actually just reading about this! What ot said was basically along these lines: Everyone is different. Some people and babies crave a schedule and others are go-with-the-flow/on demand. As long as that works for all of you, there’s no reason to change! I bet if you made a note of when Freddie ate, nursed, and slept you’d probably find some kind of natural unscheduled routine! So don’t let that question bother you!

    I am someone who likes schedules and routines so we are getting into one, especially since I’ll be going back to work in the new year and both my husband and I work full time. So we try to schedule D’s feedings every 3ish hours (give or take) but also go with his on-demand, uh, demands, which generally fall in that 2-3 hour range anyway! And I never wake him up for a nap/sleep to feed, I definitely go with his demands at those times!

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