5 Christmas Traditions you can start now!

Every family has it’s own Christmas traditions. Maybe you now have your own family and want to start some new ones whilst still incorporating your old ones.

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1- Stockings!
Omg, these were the best when I was growing up. This was my favourite part of Christmas. The stocking presents were from Santa and the presents under the tree were from family so I think that’s why I’ve always loved stockings; because they feel so magical! Fill your children’s or partner’s stocking up with funny, silly and small gifts. There were a few presents we would get every year in our stocking; a new toothbrush, socks, underwear and a Toblerone!

2-Christmas Eve box

I’ve never personally done a Christmas Eve box but I see they are becoming quite popular now. You can fill a nice box with goodies such as new PJs, sweeties, a new mug, hot chocolate and a nice Christmas film or book.

3- Kindness Elves

So, we have all heard of Elf on the Shelf and I love some of the ideas that come with it. However I’m not personally a fan of the whole ‘naughty’ and ‘nice’ aspect of it and the hypocrisy that comes with it. (Elf gets to do naughty things during the night however he reports back to Santa if your children are naughty etc) Kindness Elves come to stay with you at the beginning of December right up until Christmas Day. Each day they will leave your children tasks to do that are kind, funny and educational and will also leave positive notes and compliments if they spot you doing something kind.

4- Bake exchange

Now, this is something you can do with or without kids.

Get a few friends involved and assign everyone a batch of christmas cookies, mince pies, figgy pudding etc. Then host a little get together and you can all exchange goodies!

5- Make your own Christmas cards!

Okay this may take a bit of time and patience but it’s so fun. My parents used to make Christmas cards every year and send out a little ‘newsletter’ on how our year as a family has been. My mum would get a few disposable cameras, set up a Christmas scene and me and my brothers would have to stand there for ages whilst she whizzed through each disposable camera taking photos of us! As you can imagine she got some cracking photos. The beauty of this was that every Christmas card was different!


I hope this has inspired you, let me know what your traditions are!


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