Christmas Outfit Inspiration

Okay, so if you’re anything like me then you will most likely prefer to spend Christmas in your new PJs and your ugly Christmas sweater. (No offence, I’m sure it’s a lovely sweater.)

Here’s mine (I picked it up for £1.99 in a charity shop, oosh!)



I’ve put together a few of my favourite Christmas clothing items I’ve come across and I’ve also put prices and click-through links if any of them tickle your fancy!

Screenshot 2015-12-08 at 20.42.44.png

1- £14.71 Etsy 

2- $14.33 (£9.55) Amazon

3- $17.01 (£11.34) Beautiful Halo

4- £7 Fashion World

5-£15 Boo Hoo

6-£8 Fashion World

What are you planning on wearing on the big day?



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