Matted and thick hair… and how to tame it!

Okay, so my hair is ridiculously thick, like you could make a rug out of it kinda thick. I hate it. When I was pregnant it got so much worse and I ended up just shoving it back in a bun and I think I went about 3 months without brushing it!

Do you want a picture of the result of neglecting it for so long? Well, you’re getting one anyway.


You are looking at completely matted roots, they had literally turned into dreadlocks! (I actually love dreadlocks, but these were not stylish or cool by any means) It was disgusting and I am ashamed of how badly I treated my hair!

Enough was enough and I contacted a mobile hairdresser to come round and tame my hair. She was mortified when she arrived, she gave me a good telling off and proceeded to sort my hair out. She had to cut big clumps out in order to get it back to a good condition. This was the end result.

Screenshot 2015-12-04 at 21.20.55.png

As you can see it was a massive difference and such a huge relief. I nearly cried! It’s been hard work keeping it in good condition and admittedly I have had weeks where I don’t even get time to brush it! But I have since discovered a fabulous product that was 99p at our local Buyology discount store! Or it’s £3.99 on eBay

Moroccan Argon Oil conditioning hair mask!


Seriously I can’t even begin to tell you how awesome this product is. (No, I’m not getting paid to say this!)

I try to use this product about once a week.

It’s so easy to use, you wash your hair as normal, towel dry until hair is damp and you then cover your hair in the mask and leave for 10 minutes. There have been times when I’ve left the mask in for up to 45+ minutes and it’s made my hair a lot softer! While the hair mask is still in, brush through your hair. I know this is a scary thought for anyone with matted hair but honestly this product makes it so easy for you to brush through! Once it’s all smoothed and sorted you can then wash the hair mask out.

It is so simple and I’m so glad I discovered this product. Brushing my thick hair is no longer a scary thought and I’d recommend it to anyone.

I hope this has helped, leave a comment telling us your tips, tricks and reviews on a hair product that has helped you.

See you soon! xoxo


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