Breast Is Not Best And Fed Is Not Best.



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**Before I begin , I’d like to say that I believe infant feeding is a mother’s choice, however I believe that every choice should be an informed one. I believe that every choice should be made in the best interest of the child, which most of the time is breastfeeding. I believe there is a firm difference between deciding to do something because most people you know have done it and doing something because you’ve researched thoroughly and have come to the conclusion that is what you would like to do.**

‘Fed is best’ is a recent phrase that has been made up as a backlash towards the phrase ‘breast is best’. Now, I hate both of these phrases. You know why? Breastmilk is a biological norm and therefore isn’t ‘best’.

‘Breast is best’ implies that breastfeeding your baby is some kind of gold standard. An unnecessary bonus  for a baby when in fact breast milk is what babies are meant to have, just like baby calves are meant to have cows milk . It is normal and should be treated as such.

Now, the problem with ‘fed is best’… feeding your child is a bare minimum, in order to survive you must feed your child so saying ‘fed is best’ implies that it isn’t really necessary when it is. Being fed is 100% necessary in order to survive!  However, if by ‘Fed is Best’ you mean, ‘you are a good mum regardless of breastfeeding or formula feeding’, then I completely agree with you. But’Fed is Best’ doesn’t imply that, it implies, ‘what you feed your baby, doesn’t matter’. And this is wrong, so so so so wrong. Fed is best implies that formula and breastmilk are on the same par, this undermines the struggles that breastfeeding mums may go through and it undermines breastmilk.

I support informed decisions, and I believe the information should be readily available for all mums. I do not believe in attacking another mother for breastfeeding or formula feeding, however people must remember that facts are not attacks.

Saying ‘hey, did you know that formula can heighten the risk of SIDs?’ Isn’t saying ‘hey, you know what, you’re an awful mum for formula feeding!’

I think it’s very important for mums to own their choices and feelings and it’s even more important to research thoroughly before making a choice that affects your child.



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5 thoughts on “Breast Is Not Best And Fed Is Not Best.

  1. I bottle fed my first baby because the hospital staff didn’t want to help. In any case I would have had no support or back up – for many reasons. 2nd time round I joined La Leche League while newly pregnant and had all the support I could ever want. That baby was breast fed for more than 2 years, through a move to a third world country. She thrived through adverse conditions. I often wonder how she would fared on bottles in such poor conditions.

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