Hungry Baby Milk And Why It’s A Con.

  • Causes more damage in the long run than normal Infant Formula. Most babies who have hungry baby milk suffer constipation and trapped wind. Babies and adults are not meant to suffer these problems, it is unnatural to our bodies and these things should not be seen as normal.
  • It is supposedly made for ‘hungrier babies’. Every baby is different however the average baby’s stomach is the size of their fist. All babies are ‘hungry’, babies aren’t designed to be ‘filled up’, just satisfied. 12208771_10153703169977320_835427943806864482_n
  • Babies are designed to eat little and often no matter if they are breastfed or formula fed. It is unnatural for a baby to consume a whole bottle and then go hours between feeds; this causes the stomach to stretch and therefore the baby will probably seem hungrier. Just like it is unnatural and unhealthy for an adult to eat a massive meal and go hours without eating. We are designed to eat little and often.
  • If you are bottle feeding (expressed breast milk or Infant Formula) then you should pace bottle feed. This allows the baby to control their consumption and is 100% baby led.
  • Hungry baby milk also perpetrates the myth that some babies are just not satisfied on breast milk or formula and this is a massive reason why so many mums give up breastfeeding as they believe their milk isn’t enough when that’s not the case.
  • Although some babies are fine on hungry baby milk, I personally think that it’s not worth the risk. As a breastfeeder, I have fed every single hour of the day more often than not so I know how exhausting frequent feeds are but it’s normal and there’s nothing wrong with frequent feeds. Unfortunately it’s part of the mum life!

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14 thoughts on “Hungry Baby Milk And Why It’s A Con.

  1. I often hear people who say there child was too hungry to breastfeed. I’m not sure how much hungrier you can get that about hourly feeds, but as you say that’s motherhood when you’re breastfeeding. I think a bigger problem though is the baby books that say 3-4 hours between feeds is normal – how can they get away with writing such nonsense! I didn’t read any that mentioned hourly feeds.

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  2. As someone who’s baby needed this milk just to keep his food down I can’t praise it enough. This milk stopped the wind and stopped him being distressed thus saving me from many hours of comforting a distressed baby and enabled me to enjoy feeding. He was never overweight or constipated. So it does work for some babies though probably not all x

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    • Oh yes, I definitely agree that some babies aren’t phased by it. It’s a bit like everything in life though! And to some people its worth the gamble! I have a friend who used this milk as her baby was very refluxy and this was the only thing to keep the milk down x


  3. Thats a great graphic! And a useful reminder. I breast fed Monkey until we started to combination feed around 10 weeks. I managed to continue until I went back to work and hope to do the same this time round. I had friends that used hungry baby milk to try and get them to sleep through the night. I didn’t feel comfortable with that and Monkey hardly ever had constipation! xx

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  4. I almost put my oldest on hungry baby and then the HV told me it can cause constipation and its just the same milk but thicker. She told me it wasn’t good for babies stomach really so I decided to keep feeding often and skip the HB milk.

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