‘Breastfeeding Nazi’ And Why It Is A Disgusting Term.


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Breastfeeding Nazi


Boob Nazi 

Just a few terms recently created to describe a breastfeeding activist. A breastfeeding activist is one who is incredibly passionate about breastfeeding and all the positive  consequences that come with it. A breastfeeding activist does NOT bash or shame other mums, they encourage mums to breastfeed and spread factual information. For some reason, many people are awfully offended by facts and get so defensive that they can turn to name calling. Now, usually insults don’t bother me, I honestly don’t care. Call me the ‘breastfeeding police’ for simply trying to help a new mum carry on breastfeeding if she’s having problems, call me ‘judgy’ for sharing a factual article but don’t you DARE compare me to a Nazi.

I’ve said this in previous posts but it’s so important for mums to understand that facts are not attacks. Letting someone know the risks attached to something is not telling them that they are a bad mum. Helping a struggling mum is not being ‘judgy’ in any way, shape or form. SO why on earth do people feel the need to compare someone who is trying to help and inform to a Nazi? Like, you do realise that Nazi’s killed millions upon millions of people?! I’m pretty sure you don’t need a history lesson but it makes me so mad that people use this word so casually. It may not be a big deal to you but using this term is not only offensive to someone like me- someone who loves to help other mums succeed in breastfeeding- but it’s definitely offensive to those who have been affected by the Holocaust and it most definitely undermines their struggles, hardships, deaths, sacrifices and utterly soul destroying experiences.

So please, think before you use these terms. Open your eyes and realise that breastfeeding activists aren’t out to get all you formula feeders, not at all. We want to help those who want to breastfeed and we want to carry on spreading information about the importance of breastmilk in hopes that more mums will want to breastfeed.

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24 thoughts on “‘Breastfeeding Nazi’ And Why It Is A Disgusting Term.

  1. A brilliant article! I am pro breastfeeding but I struggled with my second (she had tongue tie). I felt a lot of pressure to continue to breastfeed even though my baby lost so much weight it was dangerous. Sometimes breastfeeding advocates can come across as a little pushy. However, you are right. Those names are uncalled for.


  2. To be fair I am a bottle feeding Mum and I am sick and fed of hearing about breast feeding and bottle feeding. Who cares feed the baby how you want and keep our noses out of everyone else business simple. I don’t get the issues to be honest.


  3. I’ve never heard this term, I’m outraged. I’m pro breastfeeding and will try to help anyone struggling as I am so glad of the help I received the first week of having my baby. 10 months on and I am still very happy and proud to be breastfeeding x

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  4. what a silly phrase. I agree… It’s sad so many people are like this. It should be free for everyone to be who and what they want in regards to breastfeeding and parenting with no one else judging!


  5. Such a disgusting term, you’re so right. I do feel like people are overusing the word Nazi a lot lately, and I’m not a fan at all. It’s disrespectful not only to whomever you’re referring to, but to all of those who lost their lives in WW2 as well. x

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  6. You say you don’t judge bottle feeding mums, but your blog is full of it….memes making fun of women who cover up, cartoons calling women liars when they state their reasons for not breastfeeding, statements about how bottle mums are putting themselves first instead of their babies. .. it’s mean and definitely judgey.

    Nothing should be compared to the nazis….you’re right on that point…but your contempt for bottle mums and even breastfeeding mums who don’t do it your way is readily apparent.


    • Sorry, where on earth have I judged other breastfeeding mums? There was a meme for breastfeeding mums who cover up saying that their cape is backwards. How on Earth is that judging? I think you’re suffering from being defensive and unsure of your choices if you are really offended by memes!


    • Also, that meme you are on about (the one where you’re saying women are liars when they state their reasons for not breastfeeding), I never said they are liars, I said the things they are saying perpetrate myths as most of the time it’s not the case. No matter what size breasts, you can still breastfeed, only 1% of women can’t breastfeed. If you choose to get defensive over facts then I’m sorry, maybe you need to come to terms with your choice.


      • If you really think artificial feeding is fine and healthy, then no one can make you feel bad.

        I know broccoli is very good for you. no one could make me feel bad about feeding my baby broccoli. So if you really are offended its probably because you yourself are not happy with artificial feeding.


  7. It is frustrating when trying to educate people on the importance of feeding your children a natural whole food diet to find the health messages completely undermined by corporations. They tell women that any attempt to inform them of the benefits of breastfeeding (which are largely avoiding the risks of artificial feeding) are in fact being judgemental. At the moment they are even using social media to create front organisations and charities to down play these risks.

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  8. Your last paragraph sums up pro breastfeeders perfectly- they are out to help mums who want to breastfeed. As much as I am for breastfeeding, I also used formula and will again with my next baby. Unfortunately there are some ‘lactivists’ who do judge formula users as I’ve been on the nasty side of them myself. Even when I explained I was pro breastfeeding and only used formula because my son couldn’t latch and my supply wasn’t enough. Apparently that wasn’t good enough and I needed to read a breastfeeding magazine etc to improve the latch. So patronising. I now try to stay out Of this debate as much as possible as feeding is a personal choice and nobody should be judged. Well done for standing up for the nice ‘lactivists’ out there because you do exsist xx

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    • I’m so sorry you had a horrible time. I think so many people are very passionate about breastfeeding and sometimes may come across as judging or being pushy when they really don’t mean to be! A lot of women always post for advice about breastfeeding online, as soon as you give them advice to help them they get annoyed, almost as if they want someone to just say ‘it’s fine give them a bottle.’ I think people need to be informed and happy with their choices. So many mums exclaim they are happy with their choices but then their actions and words prove otherwise! For example, we co sleep and have had so many people tell us its not safe (it is if you follow the guidelines) and that our baby will be clingy and we’ll be creating a rod for our own back! None of that phases me at all, it goes in one ear and out the other because I am 100% happy with my choice!
      What made you think you weren’t making enough milk? Often we mistake constant feeding for low supply when it usually isn’t the case! x


  9. Such an important post, I don’t why breast feeding is such a big deal for some people. It is natural and its not being judgmental if you choose to enlighten them and even if you were being called a Nazi is uncalled for. Many innocent people died and its sick to compare mothers to war mongers.

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