10 Things To Ask When You’re Looking At Wedding Venues.



Me and my partner recently got engaged (4 days ago to be precise) and we have already started looking at venues. Not that we’re in a hurry or anything… I must have that affect on people! We want to find the perfect venue ASAP so then we will longer to pay it off and it won’t be so stressful.

I have put together a list of questions to ask whilst looking around at venues, anyone else ever leave somewhere and remember they forgot to ask or do something?! 

So, you can copy and paste these questions into your phone notes section so you don’t forget to ask!

1- What different packages do you do? How much are they?

Okay so I’m aware that’s 2 questions but shh. It’s so important to ask them what different packages they do as you may just end up going with their main, bog standard package instead of exploring all other ideas. You may LOVE the venue but you’re not too keen on the package; be honest with them. Most places will try to accommodate your needs, they want their spaces to be filled after all!

2- What can you offer us that other venues can’t? 

There’s nothing like a bit of blackmail… If you really love the venue but simply can’t afford it, let them know about their local competition and how they are offering you a lot more. They will most likely offer a reduced price or try and work something out with you.

3- Can we alter the packages if we want to? 

Sometimes the packages are only suited for a certain number of guests or may feature something you don’t like.

4- What time does the ceremony start? 

Different places have different ceremony times, some don’t start until the evening whereas some start at midday. You will need to find out in order for you to plan around that time.

5- Are you licensed to hold civil ceremonies? 

Some venues don’t actually hold civil ceremonies, we LOVED the look of a venue and when we went to see it they told us they don’t actually hold civil ceremonies, just the wedding reception instead… Oops!

6- What time is kick-out time?

Plain and simply, when does the partying have to stop? Most places have a midnight kick out time however depending on the location they may prefer guests to leave earlier.

7- Is the venue exclusive? 

In other words, will their be random people walking around the venue photo-bombing? Some venues will close the whole site for your wedding, whereas some keep parts of the venue open.

8- Can we decorate? 

Ever been to a venue and everything is perfect…. everything except those ghastly chairs?! *shudders*


Ask them if you can bring your own decor (for example you may want fairy lights, bunting and of course chair covers to hide those hideous chairs. Some places offer to decorate the chairs for you)

9- What is the cheapest month and cheapest day? 

If you are budgeting then it may be a good idea to ask them this. Some places charge several more grand for a Saturday wedding than a Wednesday wedding for example and the Summer months tend to be more expensive.

10- Are you licensed to serve alcohol? 

For most people, a reception without a bar is a sad, sad, sad thought. Some places aren’t licensed to serve alcohol so it’s very important to ask in advanced.

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17 thoughts on “10 Things To Ask When You’re Looking At Wedding Venues.

  1. It’s so difficult to get exactly what you want and it is all so expensive so any bargaining tips are really worthwhile. My daughter is getting married and went to all the “usual” places in Cardiff but nothing was exactly what she wanted. In the end they decided to get married in the registry office (Cardiff City Hall) and have the reception at a local restaurant. Then spend all the money they saved on a holiday of a life time! I’m totally with them on this. Congratulations and I hope you find exactly what you are looking for.

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  2. Congratulations on your engagement! Weddings are so expensive. A bit of advice for what it’s worth, avoid saying wedding when booking. A lot of places charge more for say a wedding disco than a regular one on the same night.

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  3. Great questions. I remember preparing my wedding 3 years back and it was hard work but the day was wonderful and I loved every moment. Thanks for sharing and good luck with your lovely plans!

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  4. Awwww HUGE congratulations on your engagement! My partner and i are getting married in August 2016 and choosing the venue was one of the most difficult stages for us (it actually took a good 18 months before we both agreed on somewhere!). These tips are great though, it’s so important to ask questions and gather as much information on the venue as possible. xxx

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  5. Huge congratulations to you and your partner. We also got engaged in 2015 (back in August) and I’ve not even thought about organising the wedding yet but there are some great tips here that I’ll definitely be noting down!

    Laura x

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