Ways For Dad to Support His Breastfeeding Partner And Bond With His Breastfed Newborn

11225237_10206505272806065_5603524013439316434_oI hear so many mums say that they want to breastfeed however they are worried about having the whole responsibility of feeding their child and they are worried about the dad’s bond with the baby. My partner has also heard many dad’s ask for advice on how to help out his breastfeeding partner and he has heard many dad’s worry about if he will bond with his breastfed baby.

These are all common worries, however they are all easily solvable without having to quit breastfeeding.

1- Babywear in between feeds.

In the early days/weeks/months breastfeeding can be very tiring. Taking the baby for a brisk walk around the house or block is a great way of helping your partner get some rest and a great way of helping you to bond with your baby. Babywearing is a fantastic way of bonding as the close contact releases endorphins and oxytocin.

2- Make her a snack.

It is so common for us breastfeeding ladies to forget to eat or to not have the time to eat, especially when you are first establishing feeding and your baby is attached to you 24/7. Help her out by making her a sandwich and refilling her drink.

3- Occupy any other family members

If there are other kids or pets to entertain then you can take charge whilst your partner has the essential bonding time with your new baby. It is so important for mum to have plenty of skin to skin and feeding with the baby and she may feel bad for doing this if there are other children to entertain.

4- Keep family members at bay for a while

So she may be feeling overwhelmed with all these visitors wanting to come round and meet the baby but simply doesn’t have the energy to say no. Tell all the family that you will contact them when they can come round and meet the baby. It is essential that you all have time to settle in as a family together before you get bombarded with visitors. Allow mum and baby to spend a few days snuggled up together. In the early days the baby will most likely be feeding all the time and she may feel uncomfortable with lots of visitors.

5- Burp the baby

Once she is done feeding, take the baby for a burp and cuddle. This is a simple task but one less task for mum to do.

6- Support her nursing in public

Breastfeeding mums have it hard enough already feeding in public without your well-meaning asshole comments so instead of suggesting she covers up, let her know how proud of her you are for nourishing your baby.

7- Rock the baby to sleep

Most breastfed babies often feed to sleep however newborn babies are relatively easy to get to sleep. Often, all they need is a cuddle and a bit of a rocking. Pop some white noise on and rock your baby to sleep, this is a perfect opportunity to have some one to one time with your baby and really appreciate your amazing little bundle.

8- Listen

Listen to her feelings, day 3-5 after birth are typical baby blues days. She may be feeling teary and emotional, give her a cuddle and just listen to how she feels.

Ask her if there’s anything she needs or wants, it may be something really simple but she will really appreciate it.


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30 thoughts on “Ways For Dad to Support His Breastfeeding Partner And Bond With His Breastfed Newborn

  1. Great advice. I found it a big help at night if my hubby was responsible for bringing me the baby for her feed and then settling her afterwards. That way he got some bonding time and I didn’t feel like the night feeds were only me.


  2. I have to admit that my husband was brilliant when I was breastfeeding, it was his family that weren’t as they all bottle fed. A supportive partner is a must, especially in those early days

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  3. Some really great advice here for dads. I didn’t breastfeed but I know that this kind of information would have so important for my partner to feel involved. A great way for bonding to happen between father and baby. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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  4. I think it’s so important to support nursing mother’s nursing in public. This is a NEED the child has. Their need outweigh’s other people’s COMFORT. It’s also so very important to listen.

    Happy New year! Best wishes in 2016 and keep up the great work on your blog!

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  5. This is a lovely post. Unfortunately I only managed five days of breastfeeding as our little boy was tongue tied. Although during those five days I did feel a little guilty and felt like my other half was left out. I’ll definitely keep these in mind for the future (fingers crossed).


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  6. This is a wonderful list. I don’t recall my hubby ever being particularly helpful when our four were babies. I’m happy to say my son-in-law DOES do many of these things, thankfully, as I’ve observed when visiting, since he and my daughter have had two adorable little girls (so far!)

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