Is He A Good Baby?

Well, apart from the fact that he has an ASBO and goes out drinking every night, yeah he’s alright.

I flipping hate this question, is he good? What does this mean? How can a baby not be good?

‘Oh, I meant does he sleep well at night?’

Ooooh of course! I forgot, a baby who doesn’t sleep all night means they’re naughty!

Babies generally don’t sleep ‘well.’ And if you’re associating being ‘good’ with a baby sleeping at night then that must mean most babies are ‘bad’.

Freddie, funnily enough, sleeps like a baby. You know, he wakes up sometimes for a snack (boob) or a cuddle or a play and then he will sleep again when he’s ready. Sort of like adults, we wake up for a drink, sometimes we may even read a book or watch some TV as we cannot sleep. So why is it okay for adults to do this but if a baby does it, they must be ‘bad’!?

Why must you insist that my baby is either ‘good’ or ‘bad’? He’s neither, he’s just a baby.



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50 thoughts on “Is He A Good Baby?

  1. sewingbeefabric says:

    Well said. My 8 month old has yet to progress passed 1-2 hourly wakings… that doesn’t make her naughty, just a boob monster on a mission to kill me with sleep deprivation! lol

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  2. lindahobden says:

    I agree with Bear & Cardigan’s comment – it should really be “have you got a happy baby” – I never thought about the term “good” and it’s not a statement that I’ve questioned before. It’s actually a “throwaway” statement – I’d answer “yes” even if little one had been awake all night! Even asking “happy” may be upsetting if your baby is crying constantly through colic etc

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  3. Jenni - Odd Socks and Lollipops says:

    It’s really annoying isn’t it – I dislike that question, my daughter has silent reflux and woke frequently at night – but she wasn’t a bad baby – sleep-wise or otherwise. I really don’t see how a baby can be bad?

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  4. Janine says:

    I get to hear that all the time. How is she? Is she good? How good is good? She wakes up at night sometimes. Who cares. I’m going in putting dodie in and back to sleep. Could be worth. There’s no good or bad in a baby.

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  5. Angela Milnes says:

    Good point. Maybe people should think before they speak, more like does he sleep well…not is he good. I too hate labels and like you say he’s not naughty just if his sleeping is tricky. Great post. Angela

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  6. Hannie says:

    We used to joke that Jaxon would slide down the drainpipe outside his room and go for a party with all the other babies in the vicinity. I do get asked “Is he a good baby?” and I say “Of course he is well apart from….” usually something silly that a baby can’t really achieve unless they were Stewie from Family Guy or Jack Jack from The Incredibles. Guess it’s one of those silly questions that people just ask without thinking.

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  7. mylittleloves says:

    I think people speak for the sake of speaking sometimes!! Is she good? How are ye getting on? Redic questions!! I would be saying How are you mammy? Would you like some help- what can i do? How is baby settling? Never a question that will make that parent feel like shite!! ha xx

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  8. Elizabeth O. says:

    That’s a very lovely point. Why the hell not, if we are doing it, it’s not bad if they do it. I think it’s just the drowsiness speaking from our side. But hey, we should think about how our babies feel too.

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  9. Kizzy Bass says:

    I used to hate labeling my babies as good or bad. None of mine really slept that well but they fed well and developed at a good pace. Each baby is unique as they are individuals, like we are as adults. He’s such a cutie!

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  10. Fi Ni Neachtain says:

    Here in Ireland everyone asks that question to people with new babies, the easiest thing to reply is – “yes he’s great!”. I don’t think anyone means it as an offensive thing…

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  11. Edwin Lao says:

    This is a very nice blog you have some point here. Of course its not on sleeping habit, that’s crazy way to judge a good or bad baby is. Whats important is his condition and health. I’m sure Freddie is a good baby. He looks very adorable.

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  12. nmott31 says:

    I really like this post and it actually made me think twice about asking that question. I never looked at it in the way in which you have described it.
    Your completely right, just because a baby may not sleep through certainly doesn’t make him/her bad or naughty. Thanks for the insight BlogSleepRepeat

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  13. bowen1960 says:

    Sometimes people are put in a situation where they need a conversation starter with a parent and that is all “is he a good baby” is meant to be. It is a way for you to enthuse positively about your lovely child to someone who might not have any experience with children. I don’t think anybody is trying to insinuate a child is bad when they say this.

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  14. bismah2010 says:

    I really hated whenever anyone asked me that question about either of my babies. Babies have many needs and cannot care for themselves. People need to stop judging and leave moms alone when it comes to raising children.

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  15. miranda says:

    AWW he is gorgeous! that little jumpsuit hes wearing is everything! i think its hard to judge what makes a baby. a baby,is a baby, theyre so new to this world and trying to learn our ways so sometimes i guess they act out,doesnt mean theyre bad

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