Joint Stag and Hen Party And Why It’s Not Such A Bad Idea

Screenshot 2015-12-31 at 20.00.30Stag and Hen parties (or bachelor and bachelorette parties) usually symbolise saying ‘goodbye’ to freedom. As a result, these parties can often lead to things what you may or may not regret, things that you probably shouldn’t be doing if you’re getting married or in a relationship and may even cause distrust in some couples.

To me, I said goodbye to the single life when me and my partner started dating, so I don’t need a rough night out on the razza and a dodgy stripper to help me say ‘goodbye’ to ‘freedom.’ I also don’t feel as though I am saying goodbye to freedom by getting married. In fact I am excited beyond belief to spend the rest of my life with my soul mate and marrying him will give me a sense of freedom.

Obviously there are things that you probably shouldn’t be doing if you’re in a relationship but all in all, if you feel as though your marriage means not having ‘freedom’ then you’re probably doing it wrong. A relationship shouldn’t make you feel ‘trapped’.

Me and my partner have therefore decided to do a joint party. My partner has never been a party animal and we both decided that spending our last few days as an unmarried couple together would be perfect.

We will be spending the day apart with our stag/hen parties and then we will all congregate in the evening and get drunk and be merry.  Obviously to some people stag and hen parties are an essential in the upcoming weeks to their marriage, but to us we would rather spend it together. You always see on programmes such as Don’t Tell The Bride, the best men organising a private stripper for the stag night when the Groom doesn’t even want one. Not only is this disrespectful to the grooms wishes (after all its his stag night), but its disrespectful to the Bride. They are getting married, surely that’s a big enough hint that they don’t want anyone else’s sweaty cleavage in their face?

Some ideas for a joint party are listed below:

1- Spend the day apart but congregate in the evening

Girls could go to a spa for the day and men could go paint balling for example and then you could all congregate in the evening and go out for a meal or go for drinks. (Like we are planning to do)

2-Boys vs Girls.

Alternatively you could all go paint balling/bowling/go karting etc together and compete against each other.

3- Camping

Okay so this totally wouldn’t work for us as my partner HATES sleeping anywhere other than our bed and it will be too much of a faff with getting babysitters etc. But I think this sounds like an awesome idea for those without the kids commitment.

4-Skip the day time events and just get wasted

Alternatively, you could all meet up in the evening and get rat-assed together!



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10 thoughts on “Joint Stag and Hen Party And Why It’s Not Such A Bad Idea

  1. I have never heard of doing a joint party, but I know a lot of people are having a jack and Jill party was for baby showers, which includes men in the festivities.

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  2. I love this idea and me and the hubby to be are doing exactly this this year as we get married in Nov. Like you say I left the “single” life behind so it’s a great way to have some fun with the people that matter. Also a good way for guests to meet before the big day.

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