5 Things That Every Blogger Can Relate To

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1- Your free time, me time and all time in between will be taken over by blogging. 

Whether you are promoting and advertising, writing new posts or editing pictures for future blog posts, all your free time and any time you can steal goes to your blog! There is no such thing as ‘me time’ watching crappy TV and doing sod all once the kids are in bed as you will be using that time to do bloggy stuff.

2- Mornings are busy!

Every morning whilst Freddie is still sleeping/feeding next to me, my scheduled post publishes and I then spend the next 30 mins or so posting onto various social networks and facebook groups! This can get slightly tedious after a while!

3- You read into things a lot more than you used to in your pre blogging days. 

I can’t be the only one who will see/hear anything and think ‘oooh could I write about that?’ I have like 30 drafts on my blog of unfinished, barely started, naff blog posts waiting to be edited or deleted as I have the bad habit of thinking I can turn anything into a blog post and then realising I was very wrong after the first sentence.

4- Social Media is sooooo important!

Before blogging I thought Twitter was nonsense and my Instagram had been abandoned for over a year. Since blogging, these are two of my main sources of promotion, along with Pinterest too.

5- There is such a thing as blog crushes. 

Sort of like celeb crushes, but blogs. (That was self explanatory, sorry) Checking their blog at least once a week to see their latest posts, maybe they’re even bookmarked onto your favourites! Whatever shape or form, we all have them!


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31 thoughts on “5 Things That Every Blogger Can Relate To

  1. So true, it’s amazing how time just disappears when you start blogging and reading others blogs, I end up spending way too much time on my social media reading all the other great blogs out there!

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  2. I definitely have blog crushes, My mornings are my ME TIME to go within and create the day I intend to have set my intentions for the day so to speak so Yes The are Busy. So busy I have my phone off!
    And I used t use social media for sharing my good times, playing zynga games and spying on my teenie gal..dont judge lol!
    Since I started blogging, I love the say I can leverage social media to connect with awesome people like you and share our passions. I definitely can relate to these 5 things and thanks for sharing!


  3. Thanks for sharing. I have one blog I always read continuously and look up to- Sadly when I tired to engage she has not been very friendly but i still love the blog.

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  4. Ha ha I can so relate to this, especially number 1 thats me all over I think my Hubby is thinking of divorcing me… and Monkey keeps saying ….mummy’s blogging again. Ooopps thinking of having a break from social media for a while. I also have a lot of draft posts too 🙂 x

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  5. I agree with almost all of them, you forgot “must have a pad pen and camera at all times” and “Recites font names at will” I found myself pointing out shops fonts recently (too much blog coding!) Haha x
    Have a great week!

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  6. Ohhhhh so, SO true, especially number 1 and 3 for me! I feel like all my ‘ME’ time goes into blogging now, which I don’t mind but sometimes I do need a break. And number 3!! I am always like “I could turn this into a blog post” haha. LOVED this post lol. xx

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  7. This was such a nice read. On the number 1, I’d like to add that it also involves you thinking about what to write next – or when you see something, it’s either you make mental note or put it on your notebook, “Oh that will be a great article for my blog!” 🙂

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  8. This is so true! I just started and I totally understand. I feel like my whole life, and all of my conversations seem to revolve around that. I try really hard to not bring it up somehow. I carry around like 3 notebooks, a planner, a million pens and highlighters! I’m forever jotting and planning and what have you, but I wouldn’t give it up for the world. I’m totally hooked!

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