10 Reasons To Breastfeed

Infant feeding is a mothers choice, however I believe that if more support was in place for the women who want to breastfeed and all the myths about ‘supply problems’ were eradicated then more women would succeed on their breastfeeding journey.



1- It’s free

2- It’s what your baby is designed to have, their gut and digestive system is made for breast milk. This is why formula may cause constipation/colic/wind/reflux.

3- The longer you breastfeed the less likely you are to get breast cancer.

4- No faffing around and baby can feed on demand instead of having to wait for you to prepare the bottle.

5- You are less likely to get PND as sometimes your body gets confused after birth if a baby doesn’t feed from the mother’s breast.

6-You may lose the baby weight quicker!

7- Its simple…. the first few weeks can be hard, but once you get over them it can be as simple as boob out, mouth on.

8- You can leave the house whenever you want. You don’t have to spend an hour faffing around with bottles and water and formula.

9- Baby is less likely to get ill; obviously there are exceptions to every rule however statistically breastfed babies suffer from far less allergies and illnesses!

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10- Because… breastfeeding is awesome! It has so many amazing benefits and its probably the best thing I’ve ever done!


When I published this and posted on various social networking sites, I asked if there were any more reasons that women could think of. Here are some responses I’ve had; 

11- It can delay your period returning. Many women who breastfeed don’t get a period until their baby is over 1. This can lead to natural child spacing which allows the body to return to ‘normal’ and has a chance to heal.

12- Promotes a healthy bond. Most mums, regardless of feeding methods have a brilliant bond with their baby. However, research suggests that breastfeeding mums can have a better attachment to their baby and be more in tuned with their babies needs.


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20 thoughts on “10 Reasons To Breastfeed

  1. I definitely feel that there should be more help available for mums that wanto to breastfeed. I wanted to but really struggled with getting my son to latch so ended up mixed feeding first 4 weeks than bottle from then on.


    • Aw im so sorry 😦 I think the support system is naff. I think it’s brilliant how breastfeeding is encouraged by most Health care professionals but it’s awful that they don’t give you any support to actually succeed! xx


  2. Also bonding with your baby! When Ollie was born he was sent straight to ICU, I wasn’t even allowed to touch him or see him.. He was born on the 3rd of Feb and I didn’t get to hold him properly until my birthday on the 8th Feb. (Best birthday present ever) So I didn’t get that instant skin to skin which helps with bonding. I started expressing milk for him as soon as I could, but when I was actually able to latch him onto me and cradle him so close, it was so amazing, I think it made our bond so much closer. (I’m not saying you don’t bond with bottle fed) Just giving my experience 🙂

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    • Aw that must have been so hard, but way to go mama for expressing. Expressing is sooo hard and exclusively expressing mums don’t get enough praise! I think most mums regardless of feeding methods bond well with their babies but research suggests that those who breastfeed (even if only for a few days) to have a better attachment to their babies xx


  3. Breastfeeding is totally the way to go. There is so many great articles like yours and academic/scientific studies that prove that breastfeeding is the best option for babies. Plus I absolutely love reasons 1 and 5!

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  4. breastfeeding is great and something i believe in and I found it so hard when I had no milk to feed my baby. Thanks for sharing this fabulous post!


  5. I was determined to breastfeed for both girls and my now 14 year old ended up being breastfed till she was nearly 3. I definitely didn’t plan that but it was lovely all the same. Apart from the health reasons, one of my main ones was convenience – I just couldn’t imagine getting up and fiddling around with bottles in the middle of the night.

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  6. Breastfeeding didn’t work for us – I think tongue tie didn’t help but it wasn’t diagnosed until he was 2.5yrs! The free bit is the biggy for me. Formula is so expensive and a faff to take out and about. The one thing that bugs me though is the whole illness/allergies thing. N is probably the healthiest boy out of all his NCT friends – only one other bottle fed, the rest were all breastfed. But we’re on a farm, and that obviously helps with being outside a lot and being in the muck and mud, but he’s rarely ill. If he is, it’s pretty mild (so far, touch wood)


    • Oh no that’s awful 😦 tongue tie can have such detrimental effects to breastfeeding and ruin everything. That’s why I’m so passionate about improving the training that health care proffessionals get at spotting tongue ties. Freddie’s was diagnosed at 8 months after me getting mastitis repeatedly it was a massive relief! Like I said there will always be breastfed babies who are really ill and formula fed babies who are really healthy. Formula just *increases* the risk of getting ill more easily and more prone to certain things.


  7. I think your right about people needing more support. Mother’s aren’t prepared for how much a small baby is going to feed and think they can’t satisfy the hunger. As long as they stick to feeding on demand it will work. I pretty much stayed in the house the first few weeks and fed baby when ever there was a slight sign she was hungry. She piled on the weight and it got easier much quicker. Breastfed babies still get sick though, the bonus is they are better able to fight germs and less likely to end up in hospital.

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  8. Love this, breastfeeding has definitely been one of the best parenting decisions I made, love the bond between my son. When he was little and I loved that no matter where we went or if we get delayed he always had the right food available at the right temp without delay when he needed it. Would hate to be messing around with bottles, also makes night time feeds so much easier as there’s no need to get out of bed!

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  9. I am not a mother but I am 100% pro choice. To me it is up to the mother to decide whether she wants to breastfeed but I agree that it is responsible for creating a closer bond than a formula might do. At the end of the day the mother knows what is best for them and their baby!

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    • Totally agree however unfortunately many ladies formula feed not out of choice but due to misinformation. I believe that if more information and support was available then more mums would breastfeed.


  10. I fed Monkey solely for 10 weeks and then we started combination feeding until 5 months, as he was a hungry baby and sleep became more important that just breast! I hope to so similar with our impending arrival and if I can get past 10 weeks then that would be great! xx

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