My Optimistic And Slightly Unrealistic Blogging Goals For 2016

If you’ve been with me since the beginning of my blogging journey then you’ll know it was a spur of the moment, random thing. I had thought about the idea several times before but every time I went to make a post I just couldn’t think of anything to write. As you can tell, I have plenty to write about nowadays! 

I never dreamed that this blogging thing could be something I took serious and something that I look forward to and something that is very time consuming and important to me. 

I’ve received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback and loyal readers and I am so thankful as if people didn’t read my stuff then there wouldn’t be much point in me doing it. So thank you to everyone who has come back for more or who has left a comment.  

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1- Become self hosted.

As you can see in my URL, WordPress currently ‘owns’ my blog if you like. Becoming self hosted would mean that I would have my very own URL. This can be quite pricey, hence why I am not self hosted at the moment. When I do become self hosted it will open up many more doors for me and I will hopefully be more appealing to companies looking for bloggers and it will look more professional.

2- Reach 2,000 likes on my Facebook page.

I currently have 384 so this is possibly an optimistic goal but hopefully with a bit of work and determination I can reach it.

3- Reach 1,000 followers on Twitter.

I only use Twitter for promoting my blog posts and retweeting other people’s blog posts so unless you’re an avid fan or a fellow blogger  you probably won’t follow me! Hence why I am only setting a goal of 1000 followers. I’m not too miffed I reach this one or not, but of course it would be nice.

4- Reach 75,000 hits on my blog.

I’ve had my blog for just under 2 months and have recieved 12,000 views altogether. I could set myself a higher goal but I don’t want to be too optimistic and then feel let down if it doesn’t happen. I’m also taking into account that some days I may not have a blog post scheduled. (If it’s an important day where I won’t be able to promote it or if I’m ill etc)

5- Have a company contact me to review a product.

I had a false alarm not long ago, a lady messaged me asking if I’d be interested in becoming an affiliate for cBeebies, I was thrilled but turned out it was a scam. Boooo! But by the end of this year I would be so happy if a company related to my blog posts contacted me to review an item for them.

6- Write a guest post or 2 on another blog.

This can be a really good opportunity for obvious reasons; it can increase your views and following a lot and it can also help the host blog by promoting the post once it’s published therefore drawing in lots of views to their blog too.

7- Create some online friendships with fellow bloggers.

This is more of a personal goal I guess; we all love mixing with people we have things in common with and it would be nice to have those to ask for advice and know that they will give you helpful, genuine advice instead of being competitive.

8- Feature on someone’s blog perhaps.

Now this is an optimistic one as obviously blogging is a competitive world, whether we like it or not, so featuring other blog posts on your own may be rare as naturally people don’t want the reader’s attention to go elsewhere. However I have seen several posts where people have made a list of their ‘Top 10 Bloggers’ or referred to a relevant blog post. I have done this occasionally too as at the end of the day, I know that those who genuinely love my posts and like what I have to say will return.

9- Become part of a blogging tribe.

This is when a few bloggers in your niche get together and basically work for each other, you promote each other’s blogs and have them feature on your blog posts sometimes. You can also create a blog post together too once in a while. You can go to them for tips or advice and basically just support each other. I was talking to Lucy from Maya and The Moon about this briefly, so fingers crossed it may happen in 2016.


Thank you for stopping by and helping me get closer to my goals!


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30 thoughts on “My Optimistic And Slightly Unrealistic Blogging Goals For 2016

  1. Good luck with the goals. I think though that you’ll find if you stick with it some of those will be easy to achieve as I think they are quite realistic. I’d have said that Twitter followers would be easier to achieve than Facebook likes – most people I know have higher numbers for Twitter than Facebook.

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  2. Good luck with your goals they are not to unrealistic at all. I bet you have loads of companies asking you to review soon, I found once my blog hit one I was getting so many offers for paid work and reviews. I would concentrate on Twitter over Facebook though as getting Twitter followers is easier then Facebook, as most bloggers are on Twitter and will follow you back xx

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  3. You have only been blogging for two months? !!

    You have done well – congratulations!

    I too only use twitter to promote my blog and business, to read other blogs and to retweeting others.

    I wish you all the success in the future. 💜

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  4. Good luck with your goals, they are all completely achievable!
    Going self hosted isn’t as expensive as you may think! I made the move this year and I wish I’d done it sooner.
    Good luck!

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  5. Not too unrealistic – just continue to focus on good content. Also, check out TSO Host for self-hosting, not expensive at all and really helpful. In fact, I’d say as you are a new blogger to do that sooner rather than later, before you start building up links everywhere. I really wish I had done it from the off!

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  6. These are realistic goals I think. Twitter grows faster than Facebook I think these days. Make it easy for followers to find you, make sure your social media icons are nice and easy yo find. Also, work out your brand and who you are writing for. People should know who you are and your blog logo whether your on twitter, facebook, Instagram etc. You might also want to think about you blog name. If you have another child, Freddi and I might not fit. Go Daddy and other webhosting providers offer quite cheap deals to get you to sign up. I think my first year was about £12

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  7. These are definitely achievable and a lot go hand in hand too – for example once your self hosted you’ll find your brand opportunities will most likely increase, if you get yourself a blogging tribe set up that will also happen.
    Social media, facebook groups in particular, are my top recommendation for making blog friends 🙂
    And always reach out to bloggers you’d love to guest post for, many would happy to have you! xx

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