Why You Should Skip The Baby Rice



1- Simply because it tastes horrid and looks like slop. I hold the view that I would never give my baby something that an adult wouldn’t eat.

2- It’s unnecessary. There is literally no point in it, not only does it not have anything nutritiously beneficial in it, and if you are following the guidelines and waiting until 6 months to wean your baby, you may as well give them what you’re eating instead of wasting money on a naff product.

3- It can be linked to diabetes. A study published in Arch Intern Med found that those who ate white rice 5 or more times a week had a 17% increased risk of type 2 diabetes compared with those who ate it less than once a month.

4- It’s high in sugar. Dr Alan Greene compares it to feeding your baby a spoonful of sugar.

5- Breastmilk or formula is enough for a baby for the first 6 months. After this, a baby can eat a varied, balance diet.

6- Fresh foods are cheaper, better and tastier. Even if you are going down the puree route, making your own purees using fresh fruits and vegetables will be healthier and tastier.




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22 thoughts on “Why You Should Skip The Baby Rice

    • Before I had Freddie I was adamant I would give him baby rice! That’s what my mum did with us so I thought it was normal. However after researching about it I realised it was just pointless!


  1. I completely agree with you on this. I was watching my sister in law feed my niece some horrible orange goo the other day and was a little bit disgusted by it! I will definately be waiting for after the 6 months (or when Aurora is ready) to do baby led weaning. It may be messy but it is a much better option! And I didn’t know about the diabetes thing so that has made me even more adamant. Thank you 🙂 x

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    • Baby led weaning is soooo fun! I thought we were going to do purees but when Freddie was a few months old I started researching about BLW and thought yep, this is it! It’s brilliant and its only really messy for the first month or so of starting it! xx


  2. I don’t have children so I have never given this much thought to be honest. If what you say in this post is true though I certainly wouldn’t want to feed that stuff to a baby. I like your point about not feeding them something you wouldn’t eat yourself, very good point.


  3. Just feed your child. Seriously, none of this matters. Just feed. your child.

    We didn’t do rice, but it works for some (my friends with reflux babies certainly found it helpful). We didn’t do BLW (because to me it felt like a choking risk) but hey, if it works for you. I gave her varied purees, varied finger foods and we just got on with it. And she’s fine. A Percy Pig fiend at 4 years old, when given half the chance – but she eats literally everything else, too.

    I recommend you relax 😉


    • If you look up baby led weaning it actually reduces the risk of choking as babies have an innate very sensitive gag reflex which is preserved when blw however purees can hamper the gag reflex. Not bashing it, I thought we would puree until I found out about blw, it’s just what I found evidence based studies backed.

      I happen to disagree strongly with the, “just feed your baby” comment. Like it doesn’t matter at all what you feed them. Ensuring the right balance of vitamins and minerals is provided and foods which can be dangerous before 1yo such as honey and blue cheese are avoided doesn’t matter then? To hell with it, let’s just give our kids McDonald’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

      Fed isn’t best, it’s the bare minimum and I, for one, want better than that for my child.

      It’s not about getting defensive over things we may have done now we’re finding isn’t a good idea. Know better, do better. I was using tea tree in my wet wipe solution for my cloth wipes, found out it can be highly toxic for kiddies so stopped immediately and shared that knowledge with others. I didn’t sit there and try to justify why it’s fine to use, oh everything can kill you these days…yadda yadda yadda. I knew better, I did better.

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  4. We never did baby rice either. With my first I home made all my baby food (I was too scared of BLW as a first time Mum). With my second it was BLW all the way! So far out of the two of them, the youngest us the better eater.

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  5. Great piece, totally agree that it’s an unnecessary product just like follow on milk, it’s amazing what baby formula companies will do to generate sales and maintain their advertising abilities.

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  6. I believe that after the age of six months, breast milk doesn’t contain as much iron as a baby needs, hence the recommendation to start weaning by this age. I do agree with you about fresh fruit and vegetables being better for children though. My children have always eaten what we eat, we did try some of the baby mush with them but they wouldn’t eat it. We also started to wean (onto solids) before six months because the research I did indicated that doing so makes children less likely to suffer from food allergies in later life. The point being, we all have to do our own research and do whatever we are comfortable with in bringing up our children. Equally, the right decision for one parent won’t be the same as another and we all do the best for our children in our own given circumstances.


  7. Interesting, the feeding rules changed between having my eldest and middle child and so I weaned at 12 weeks with my eldest and he had rice cereal and at that age it was a great introduction to solids.


  8. Monkey never had baby rice, although a lot of my friends used it and complained that their little ones had constipation. Agreed milk and purees when weaning or finger foods are the way to go. I will to be giving it to my second either. Great post 🙂 x

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