10 Things I Love About My Baby

*DISCLAIMER, the word ‘cute’ features in this blog post a lot*

I love my baby. That’s probably a good thing, right? I mean, there’s a lot of things that make us good-parent material, and I’d say loving your child is probably up there in the top 10, at least.

There are so many things that I love about Freddie. Being a parent is when you could kill for a break, but you miss them when they’re in bed… and then end up writing a blog post about why you love them. *ahem*

So, I’ve written a list of 10 things I love about him.

  1. His smile. His gummy, cheeky, big and beautiful smile. It hit me earlier that as his teeth are making an appearance, soon he will no longer have a gummy smile, and that makes me so sad. He’s growing up so quickly and it makes me emosh. 12237973_10207032977478352_4962962958500972119_o

    2. His chins. All 4 of them. He has the cutest, chubbiest chins ever and they’re so                       freaking yummy. I could  quite literally just eat them. (Okay, just clarifying I don’t                 really mean literally.) I want him to have double chins forever.


3. His eyes. Everyone always comments on how beautiful his eyes are. They are so big and       bright and blue.


4. How intrigued he is in everything. Okay, sometimes it’s tiring and annoying when you just want to sit down and eat your sandwich that you didn’t have time to eat 3 days ago and he all of a sudden dives into the toy box and then screams about it. But most of the time it’s so cute to watch him learn and discover new things.

5. How he talks. He makes the cutest noises (although he would be even cuter if he would say mama!) and the way he just has random conversations with everything is adorable. His favourite word is da-da.

6. How cheeky he is. He’s been going through a biting stage whilst feeding due to teething. I try to firmly tell him no as it hurts mummy but he gives me the biggest smile and laughs at me. Cheers, son.

7. How he eats. We’ve done BLW from the beginning and his look of concentration whilst eating is so funny and cute. He does a big pout with his mouth, grabs his food with force and then lifts it to his mouth in slow motion whilst slowly opening his mouth and staring out the food.

8. How he crawls. He’s recently mastered the art of crawling and he does this thing where he lifts his arms up one at a time in a really exaggerated way and does a really big grin like he’s proud of himself. I’m proud of you too, baby.

9. His poop noises. Okay, so as gross as this sounds, his poo noises are actually quite cute. (The smell, not so much.) He grunts whilst pulling a really funny face. (Sorry Freddie)

10. The way he can make the worst day into a happy and positive day. He’s at that age where he is much more aware of his surroundings but he still doesn’t know what’s really going on. There could be a hurricane outside and he wouldn’t give 2 biscuits, as long as he’s got his boobs (well, my boobs) and his toys he’s happy. (Obviously granted that the hurricane doesn’t sweep him away)

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11 thoughts on “10 Things I Love About My Baby

  1. Janine says:

    Aww what a cute post. I love how my little lady laughs. Also she’s been such a cheeky little thing. She stares at me when she’s sitting in the high chair and dropping the dodie on purpose. It’s so funny.

    Liked by 1 person

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