Top 10 Parenting Websites and Blogs


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1- Aha Parenting 


This website offers advice and information for anything you can think of related to parenting! It gives gentle, supportive advice for all parents and I love reading their articles.


2- Analytical Armadillo


Analytical Armadillo take a research based, gentle parenting stance to their website. They offer lots of brilliant factual articles and information to do with parenting that have been very helpful to me! Definitely recommend it. 



3- The Alpha Parent

Again, this website offers a range of brilliant helpful sources for things such as breastfeeding, baby wearing and other parenting related topics. I love some of the things she posts and regularly visit. 




4- Sarah Ockwell-Smith

This lady is amaaazing and offers a lot of fantastic advice. I love what she has to say about The Fourth Trimester, if I didn’t find her website when Freddie was a newborn then god knows what would have happened.




5- KellyMom

This website offers loads of fantastic facts and support for breastfeeding mums. Whether you feed directly from the breast, feed expressed breast milk or via a tube, this website is awesome and is ran by an IBCLC.



6- The Milk Meg

Meg is awesome and is a IBCLC too so is very knowledgeable about breastfeeding. She also offers her personal accounts on things such as night weaning, gentle parenting and gentle sleep methods. 

The Milk Meg



7- Maya And The Moon

Lucy, who runs this blog, is lovely and has shared some fantastic and factual articles on parenting, breastfeeding, feminism and even her experience with PND.


Some of my other favourite parenting blogs and websites include:

8- The Happy Hippie Homemaker

9- Ask Dr Sears 

10- I Am Not The Babysitter


Let me know some of your favourite parenting blogs and websites and be sure to check some of these out!


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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Parenting Websites and Blogs

  1. I’m not a parent so I haven’t used any of these sites, but I think what you’ve done here is a great idea and would be really useful for a new parent. They will have very limited time to scour the web finding good sites, so having them all here in one place will be an invaluable resource for them 🙂

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