5 Ways To Be More Sustainable

1- Recycle

This may seem pretty obvious and silly but the amount of people who don’t recycle is quite shocking, here in the UK we are all provided with 2 bins. A normal waste bin and recycling bin. Here are a list of recyclables if you are unsure on what you can or can’t recycle.

Aerosols (please ensure cans are empty)

Aluminium foil (please ensure clean and free from food)

Cans and tins (please wash and squash. Both steel and aluminium sweet tins, food,and drink cans are accepted)

Card (please tear up large boxes and flatten to fit in your recycling box)

Cartons (all paper-based food and drink cartons such as for milk and fruit juice)

Glass (clear, brown and green bottles and jars, rinsed)

Lids (All plastic and metal lids can be placed in loose with your recycling. These include lids from aerosols, glass bottles and jars, plastic bottles, tubs, trays and pots)

Paper (please keep these items dry – newspaper, magazines, white or coloured paper, junk mail, envelopes, catalogues and directories)

Plastic bottles (Mineral water, shampoo, detergent, bleach and plastic milk bottles;rinsed and flattened)

Plastic food containers (tubs, pots and trays e.g. butter tubs, yoghurt pots, fruit and vegetable punnets, meat trays and ready meal food trays and ice cream tubs. Please wash and squash)




If you think about it, that’s a lot of recycling and most of your waste may be more recyclable than you think!


2- Reuse

Reusing as much as you can is a great way of being sustainable.

Whether that means chopping up an old towel to use as dish cloths to get your money’s worth or buying cloth nappies for the babe, there are many ways to reuse.



You could even use Sanitary Cloth Pads instead of the bog standard stinky plastic ones that make your foof sweaty.



Some people I know are brave enough to even use family cloth. This is when you use cloth toilet wipes instead of toilet paper. Personally, I’m quite happy with my Tesco Value bog roll but it can certainly save some pennies.




3- Buy Used

Buying second hand has become increasingly popular. Not only are there charity/thrift shops but there are now thousands of Facebook groups dedicated to selling your used bits and bobs. There are hundreds of car boot sales throughout the UK each year and more people are now attending these and buying second hand. Not to mention eBay, GumTree and all of the other websites dedicated to used items.

You can pick up some amazing things for less than half the price and the only difference is is that it’s been used. Not only does this save our pennies but it’s also brilliant for the environment and it’s recycling at it’s best.

4- Ditch the car

Okay, not literally, unless you’re really into becoming sustainable! Try and hitch a lift to work, or if that fails then offer lifts to other people. You may not be saving your pennies (unless you ask everyone to chip in a couple of quid) but you will be saving the environment with this little change.

Instead of driving into the city, catch the bus! Or better yet, cycle! I feel like such a hypocrite writing that; the day you catch me on a bicycle will be a miracle.


5- Open an allotment.

Okay so I actually LOVE this idea. I think it’s so cute and something you see on the movies. Where you and your bezzies all have a cute little allotment together and eat lovely fresh foods together. If you get a few friends together you can open one together and split the cost. You’ll end up paying on average around £10- £15 a month, for lovely fresh veggies!




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26 thoughts on “5 Ways To Be More Sustainable

  1. I often find myself going crazy that they don’t empty the recylcing bin every week. Ours is generally full after just over a week. People would like us to recylce more yet that makes a stuggle. We use Cloth nappies too,

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  2. Not everyone in the UK is issued with two bins. I live in Shetland, a remote island group 200 miles north of Aberdeen and we aren’t issued any bins! We have a communal store where we can keep our domestic rubbish, and there’s a spot at the local village hall for recycling glass, but we have to make an effort to reduce, reuse and recycle ourselves because there are no recycling facilities up here (and it would cost a fortune to ship it to you guys on the mainland!). There are some great tips in this post. Being more sustainable starts at home with sensible choices. 🙂

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  3. Your list of recyclables is great but people do need to check what their local council actually accept in the bins. Until very recently our council did not recycle cardboard now it has had a change of heart, given out extra bins and recycles everything including textiles and shoes. But it does mean we now need to find space for five bins.

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  4. this what my country really needs. Basic waste segration can hardly achieve here in the Philippines so even if a household tries to, it will be useless as the garbage collector will just mix all. Some parts might be aiming for a sustainable lifestlyle and i just hope it will be trendy nationwide soon

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