8 Rules For Dating My Son

I’m fed up of seeing those threatening, creepy and possessive posts shared by parents all the time including rules for dating their children. Everyone laughs about how funny and cute they are. But in fact they’re creepy and weird. So I’ve decided to make my own.




1- Don’t listen to my rules, ask him how he feels and what he wants out of the relationship. If he’s fine with you texting him every 5 minutes asking how his day is then that’s cool, if he wants to have some time to chill out with his friends then hopefully you will understand and spend some well deserved time with your friends too. If he wants you to stay over on the weekend; as long as you’re both over 16 and are being safe then I don’t mind.

2- Don’t be scared of me. I’m his mum, of course I love him and think the sun shines from his arse but if he is clearly being a dick then I will not stand for it. I won’t be mean to him but I’ll just let him know that he needs to re think his actions.

3- Come round whenever you want. I’m more than happy to serve up an extra portion of dinner (and if you don’t eat it, I’m sure hubby will) and I’m more than happy to get a few snacks in for you so you guys can snuggle up together and watch cute films and be typical teenagers in love.

4- Talk to me. I don’t bite, I want to get to know you. My son is clearly with you because he wants to be, I want to get find out about your hobbies and family and what your favourite class is.

5- Let me know if I can do anything to help. Want me to butt out? Okay, I can do that… Well I can try.

6- Trust me. If you’ve both done something silly then I can’t promise I won’t be upset or mad but I can promise that I will try my best to be calm and reasonable. And if I’m not calm and reasonable then I can promise that I will apologise.

7- Be kind to him. I’m sure you will be and I hope he will be kind to you to. But I know what teenagers are like and sometimes when they think they are in love their emotions get the better of them.

8- I’m always here. Not that you probably care and you may not even need me but just so you know, I’m always here for a chat.


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11 thoughts on “8 Rules For Dating My Son

  1. I enjoyed this and seeing how you feel and reading these tips. It shows you really care about your son. I imagine it will be tricky when my daughter gets to dating age! I am not looking forward to it lol! Angela

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  2. Aw this is lovely, my foster mum was very strict about boyfriends or letting anyone including friends stay or even come to the house. I would always have to go to theirs and some of their mums were darn right scary. Nothing like you!

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  3. This is the best post! I too am a bit sickened by the letter to the future girlfriend / boyfriend of my child. I love how you say that in your intro then say but I’m going to write my own lol I love what you say & I agree with you on all points. Your future daughter in law will be a lucky lady x

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  4. I’ve not seen any of these posts today. When I first read the title I wondered what you were doing ‘dating’ your son! I think these are all pretty sensible for anyone with a healthy relationship with their son…although I’m kind of hoping N doesn’t get too serious with a girl at 16!

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  5. Aw this is so cute! It has made me think about how I will feel when my two boys are old enough to be dating:) I have a while yet, they are only 5 years and 20 months old!

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