Aloe Hand & Face Soap Review

12771888_745034345598414_1008635817731810419_o.jpgWhen the lovely Sian who works at Forever Living sent me this Aloe Hand & Face soap in the post I was at first a bit sceptical to tell you the truth. I’ve never really been overly keen on MLM companies for many reasons but I love supporting small businesses, especially when they are a fellow mother too!

I have to say that I was very pleasantly surprised with this product. Not only is it brilliant value for money (473ml for £11.27) but it also lasts for ages! Freddie, Simon and I have each used it every day for over a week now and the tub still feels full!

I love the fact that you only need to use a small amount instead of having to use half the bottle which I usually do! *oops*

Freddie has had it in his baths for the past week and so have I. This is a big deal for me as I suffer with really bad eczema and I haven’t had a lovely soapy bath in so long because I have to use my steroid based products to wash with. But I decided to give this a go in my bath and I was over the moon. Every time I do use a product in the shower or bath I have a really bad reaction and have to take allergy tablets as my eczema is so bad! (I know, my fault really but I’m a sucker for bubble baths!) So I was over the moon when I could finally enjoy a lovely soapy bath without suffering!

We will definitely be carrying on using this product and I have definitely swallowed my pride and I will no longer be so judgey towards MLM companies! Sian has been so helpful and such a delight to work with.

She also has a brilliant Facebook page where she advertises all of her exclusive deals and you can ask her any questions about her products which I found very useful.

I would definitely recomend this product and even my partner was chuffed with it too even though he wasn’t allowed to use his normal shower gel for the past week!

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