Toddler’s First Cinema Trip (ad)

The fantasy: it’s going to be lovely, peaceful and mesmerising & at worst he may fall asleep which will just mean I can watch the film in peace….

The reality: well fuck that, I’m never doing that again unless it involves a glass of wine, VIP seats and an 18 rated movie.

When Vue cinema asked me to blog about our experience at the cinema i thought, oh fab! Can’t wait! Little did I know my son had other ideas and when he said he was going to be a good boy at the cinema he clearly had his fingers crossed behind his back.

However I was not about to turn down watching a film at our local cinema, especially as it stars James Corden (even if he is disguised as a rabbit in this film) (yes he’s my celebrity crush, if you’re reading this James I can provide you with a small 2 bedroom flat, a ratty toddler, an insecure and unwilling trait to trust you due to shit men but a whole lotta loving)

Anyway, I invited my friend along and off we went to the cinema. When we got there we decided to buy some of their goodies because who can go to the cinema and not get lots of popcorn and sugary food that will definitely increase your chance of getting diabetes?!

The film was absolutely hilarious from start to finish and is definitely a film for all ages. In fact I wish I just left Freddie at home!

Thanks so much Vue for having us even though my toddler is definitely not 10/10 on social skills yet and thinks it’s acceptable for his mum to pay £26 for a cinema trip so he can just run around the whole cinema room and go suicidal by hanging off the railings when there’s a 3 meter drop and spend most of the movie asking for cake (maybe a cake section is needed Vue?) … I think we will stick to family friendly viewings on a Saturday morning though and keep mid week cinema trips for the adults!

*heads for the wine*

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