5 Ways To Be More Sustainable

1- Recycle

This may seem pretty obvious and silly but the amount of people who don’t recycle is quite shocking, here in the UK we are all provided with 2 bins. A normal waste bin and recycling bin. Here are a list of recyclables if you are unsure on what you can or can’t recycle.

Aerosols (please ensure cans are empty)

Aluminium foil (please ensure clean and free from food)

Cans and tins (please wash and squash. Both steel and aluminium sweet tins, food,and drink cans are accepted)

Card (please tear up large boxes and flatten to fit in your recycling box)

Cartons (all paper-based food and drink cartons such as for milk and fruit juice)

Glass (clear, brown and green bottles and jars, rinsed)

Lids (All plastic and metal lids can be placed in loose with your recycling. These include lids from aerosols, glass bottles and jars, plastic bottles, tubs, trays and pots)

Paper (please keep these items dry – newspaper, magazines, white or coloured paper, junk mail, envelopes, catalogues and directories)

Plastic bottles (Mineral water, shampoo, detergent, bleach and plastic milk bottles;rinsed and flattened)

Plastic food containers (tubs, pots and trays e.g. butter tubs, yoghurt pots, fruit and vegetable punnets, meat trays and ready meal food trays and ice cream tubs. Please wash and squash)




If you think about it, that’s a lot of recycling and most of your waste may be more recyclable than you think!


2- Reuse

Reusing as much as you can is a great way of being sustainable.

Whether that means chopping up an old towel to use as dish cloths to get your money’s worth or buying cloth nappies for the babe, there are many ways to reuse.



You could even use Sanitary Cloth Pads instead of the bog standard stinky plastic ones that make your foof sweaty.



Some people I know are brave enough to even use family cloth. This is when you use cloth toilet wipes instead of toilet paper. Personally, I’m quite happy with my Tesco Value bog roll but it can certainly save some pennies.




3- Buy Used

Buying second hand has become increasingly popular. Not only are there charity/thrift shops but there are now thousands of Facebook groups dedicated to selling your used bits and bobs. There are hundreds of car boot sales throughout the UK each year and more people are now attending these and buying second hand. Not to mention eBay, GumTree and all of the other websites dedicated to used items.

You can pick up some amazing things for less than half the price and the only difference is is that it’s been used. Not only does this save our pennies but it’s also brilliant for the environment and it’s recycling at it’s best.

4- Ditch the car

Okay, not literally, unless you’re really into becoming sustainable! Try and hitch a lift to work, or if that fails then offer lifts to other people. You may not be saving your pennies (unless you ask everyone to chip in a couple of quid) but you will be saving the environment with this little change.

Instead of driving into the city, catch the bus! Or better yet, cycle! I feel like such a hypocrite writing that; the day you catch me on a bicycle will be a miracle.


5- Open an allotment.

Okay so I actually LOVE this idea. I think it’s so cute and something you see on the movies. Where you and your bezzies all have a cute little allotment together and eat lovely fresh foods together. If you get a few friends together you can open one together and split the cost. You’ll end up paying on average around £10- £15 a month, for lovely fresh veggies!




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9 Ways To Create A Rod For Your Own Back

Nobody wants to create a rod for their own back. Ugh God forbid your children actually grow up to feel safe and well attached to their parents. What kind of world would that be?

The downside to creating a rod for your own back is your child or baby MAY be a happy and content baby who’s needs are met. But we all know how awful that is, we want independent babies who will happily sit in their bouncers for 6 hours a time whilst we crack on with more important things like housework and watching Jeremy Kyle.

However, for those weird parents who WANT to create a rod for their own back. Here are some tips you should follow. Do not take these lightly, I know how hard it is to respond to your babies needs, those selfish pesks. Ugh, God help us.


  1. As soon as your baby so much as whimpers you must run to them flapping your arms about shouting ‘I’M COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!’
  2. Buy one of those strappy pouch things that you put on your chest and your baby sits in it. (Some people like to call these slings or carriers, I call them rod-makers) Your baby must stay in this ALL day for the first year of their life.
  3. Buy one of those bed extender thingys, or better yet SHARE YOUR BED WITH YOUR BABY. I know, I know. This will 100% effect your sex life and you will never have rumpy pumpy with your partner again but if you want a rod, then you need to do this.
  4. Breastfeed. *shudders* We all know that breasts were made for men to ogle at and are only sexual but in order to become a committed rodder you will need to feed your baby from your breasts.
  5. If for some reason you cannot wear a rod-maker (sling/carrier) then you must keep baby close to you at all times. A pram is simply not good enough, I recommend putting them in your handbag.
  6. Feed them on demand. This one is really hard to get used to. After all, they should only be hungry when our schedule says so. But whenever they show their feeding cues you need to feed them. I recommend a cheese baguette if you want to keep them fuller for longer (or create life-long digestive issues)
  7. DO NOT let anyone babysit. AT ALL. No. No. No. They must be with you at all times in order for your rod to be super shiny. Want to go out for a meal with your friends? Tough titties. Want to send them to school? I’m sure Mrs Smith doesn’t mind you sitting at the back of the classroom.
  8. Baby led wean. Let them feed themselves their food. This is really inconsiderate of them to be honest, taking 30 minutes to eat their jam on toast can be tedious but stick with it. *Warning, baby led weaning can lead to awful things such as positive and healthy attitudes towards food*
  9. Respond to them at night time. I tried this once. Never. Again. I mean, don’t these babies realise that parenting is only a 12 hour job?! Once the clock strikes 7 my hours are over and they must tend to themselves until 7am. So if your baby dares to wake up during the night in order for their needs to be met you must respond to them.



I hope these top tips have helped you create a better rod for yourselves. Good luck for the next 40+ years, hopefully they would have finished breastfeeding and bedsharing by then but don’t count on it.

Don’t put your baby away, rod today!

Happy rodding!



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Why We Will Be Doing Extended Rear Facing


Before I was a parent, none of this stuff interested me at all. I didn’t realise how many decisions you would have to make as a parent. I literally thought that you just pop the baby out, feed it occasionally, put some clothes on them and everything else will fall into place.

I certainly didn’t even know about extended rear facing (when a baby/child rear faces in their car seat throughout toddler-hood and childhood). I heard about this when Freddie was a newbie, it didn’t really cross my mind though until he was a few months old.

I decided to do some research on this topic as I figured he won’t fit in his infant car seat for long.

The results I found were astonishing and it was apparent to me that we would be doing extended rear facing regardless. I think a large factor of what puts people off of Extended Rear Facing is the price of the car seats. Yes, they are pretty expensive but I’d rather live off beans and bread for months than risk him being seriously injured, or worse, if we ever got into a car accident.

Although the risk of being involved in a car accident may seem minimal I was shocked to learn that being in a car is more dangerous than being in an air-plane! Yes, you heard me right, hovering at 3,000 ft in the air is safer than being in a car. Car accidents are becoming more and more common and car safety is something we need to stay informed on.

There are many questions you may ask when choosing a car seat for your baby. There are many things that put people off Extended Rear Facing and I think it’s important to highlight just how important ERF is.

Screenshot 2016-01-28 at 22.35.07

  1. Isn’t being forward facing more safe than Extended Rear Facing?

Nope, nope it’s not. A study conducted in 2007 showed that the risk of severe injury in children 12-23 months in a forward facing care seat was over 5 times higher than in rear facing. I was gob smacked when I saw this. I didn’t quite believe it as it seemed crazy, but after thorough research I realised it was in fact true.

2. Won’t my rather long child be uncomfortable in a rear facing car seat?

No, children and babies naturally sit in a position where their legs are bent and very frog-like. There are many ERF car seats available that provide plenty of leg room anyway.

3. Surely they are more likely to break their legs in a rear facing car seat?

There are many studies to actually support this claim, due to their leg position they may be more likely to break their legs if you were ever in an accident. However, I think every parent out there can agree with me on the fact that I’d prefer my child to have broken legs than a broken neck. Although there are studies to back up the fact that a child may be more likely to break their legs when being rear facing, there are ven more studies to back up the fact that a child is more likely to be severely injured or even killed when forward facing.

4. But my baby hates rear facing so I need to turn him forward facing ASAP.

Most babies hate cars. Fact. They are being restricted when they are used to roaming free and playing with their toys/ trashing your house. If your child has never faced forward then they don’t really know what they’re missing and I doubt they are crying or upset because they want to face forward; they just want to get out of the car seat. Instead, I would pack lots of toys to keep them occupied and assign someone to sit in the back with them to keep them occupied.

5. Isn’t it just a money making scam?

Nope. There is tons of research to prove that ERF is far more safe and the reason why these car seats are more expensive is because they go through extensive safety tests and are better made and most are made to last years. (Hence, extended rear facing.)

There are also more budgetable options available if you are struggling for cash. We are getting the Joie Stages for Freddie when he turns one which is usually around the £150 mark. We are asking all of his family who are planning to get him a present to put money towards his car seat instead. He has loads of toys and everything he needs so we see this as a better option.

6. But I wasn’t rear faced and I turned out fine…

I’m truly happy for you. Honestly, because thousands of children and babies didn’t. That is why it is such a hot topic nowadays. We have seen the ill affects of premature forward facing and that is why ERF is becoming more popular.


Will your children be rear facing for longer?



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