Thanks For The Advice But I Won’t Leave My Baby To Cry

I think most of us have a well meaning family member or friend who tries to dish out their unsolicited advice.

It’s funnier when they don’t even have children and they try to tell you that picking your child up when they’re upset will lead to them being a spoilt little shit and they will end up in juvenile if you don’t shove them in a corner every time they challenge you.

Or when your great Aunt Petunia who had her children about 90 years ago tries and tells you that crying is good for their lungs. I think a lot of the time we assume that because someone is older and had loads of kids they must know everything. That because they weaned all 9 children at the age of 3 months and only 4 of them are overweight and suffer with gut problems that it MUST be fine and a pure coincidence that they now suffer with allergies, diabetes and IBS.

After all, the NHS, World Heath Organisation and The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence spend billions a year on up to date research for people to bypass it with anecdotal evidence and ‘well I turned out fine.’

The key to making the best choice for you is research, research, research and follow your instincts.


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19 thoughts on “Thanks For The Advice But I Won’t Leave My Baby To Cry

  1. Zena's Suitcase says:

    I haven’t used controlled crying in my parenting toolkit, and probably never will. I know people who have, and it has worked for them. It depends on the child. If they can self soothe, perhaps it has a place.


  2. Lisa: BadMammy says:

    I honestly don’t know how people can do it. I’ve hit those nights where I need to leave the room because I can feel myself getting too agitated but I never last very long outside the door before going back in – I will always pick the longer bedtime with extra cuddles over listening to my baby sobbing.

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  3. Vicky R says:

    Too true! It’s a long time since I had babies but I remember my Mother advising me to let my first born cry and as his crying got louder and louder I went and picked him up and never did it again with him or my other children. Following your own instincts is the only way, no one knows your child like you do!

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  4. Life as Mum says:

    I have used controlled crying in my parenting. I knew the difference. Although I would advise people who struggle with a really clingy baby to just put the baby down and learn, as you can carry a baby 24/7 on your hip. But I would never force my advice on anyone.


  5. Reclusive Fox (@ReclusiveFox) says:

    When my girl was small letting them cry was a thing. I did try it and it did work, but I never used it when I felt my baby needed me – it was only at bedtime when she just wanted to play. It was god awful though but she did just get into bed and settle down and then didn’t really play up at bedtime again to be honest. I don’t think I would do it again now though.


  6. Tori Gabriel says:

    This made me smile. My Mum drove me crazy in my early days as a new Mum. Every sentence began “well, in my day…” I am very close to my Mum but in the end I had to tell her that “her day” was 32 years ago and times have changed. She’s a lot better now but when I do something she finds questionable her eyebrows rise up. Honestly, her eyebrows are really judgey!

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