Breastfeeding Isn’t Just For Hippies

Fergie recently released a song called MILF $. Now, I personally love everything about this song and this video and let me tell you why. 

A few scenes into the video there is a gorgeous woman breastfeeding her baby. Now this woman looks HOT and you’d be daft to deny the fact that she looks good. She’s also quite clearly wearing false eyelashes and lots of make up and she even has her legs out *shock horror*. Surely a mum shouldn’t have her legs out?! Ofcourse not. *sarcasm* 

There has been huge controversy about this all over breastfeeding facebook groups.  Lots of mums are saying it’s wrong and that it’s sexualising breastfeeding. Well, this is what I say…

There’s nothing wrong with a sexy woman breastfeeding. There IS something wrong with sexualising breasts and only seeing them as a sex object instead of seeing them as multi functional.

It’s a fact that a lot of men find breastfeeding attractive. Not because there’s a baby on the boob but because it’s attractive to see a mother nurture her children. And this video also helps the breastfeeding cause by showing that breast feeders aren’t all hippies with long armpit hair who hug trees (ofcourse there’s nothing wrong with that) and that any female can breastfeed no matter what your ‘style’.

 I think if a man saw this video too it may make him realise that breastfeeding is normal and women can still be sexy whilst breastfeeding and will help them support their female partners to breastfeed. 

All we ever see about breastfeeding on the media is bad things or hippies or mums who never leave their kids. 

If we want more mums to breastfeed we need to make it work for every mum and show that even modern day parents can and breastfeed too. 
You don’t have to fit into a certain mould to breastfeed your kid. All you need is your boobs. It doesn’t matter what clothes you wear, how much make up you wear or how sexy you are. You kid doesn’t give a shit about that, he just wants his milk. 

Every parent is different but there is no reason why all mums who can breastfeed shouldn’t (unless they make that decision not to ofcourse). 

The media and Facebook groups are telling us that if you want to breastfeed then you must be a middle age woman with no sex life, you must buy really fucking ugly nursing bras and you must never leave your child’s side. And there is nothing wrong with all of the above if that makes you happy.

So ofcourse young mums, fashion and make up conscious mums, sexual mums and outgoing mums who need space every now and then won’t breastfeed as they think it’s not for them and they don’t fit into the mould. 

It’s such a shame because I reckon if we made breastfeeding more versatile and fitting for all mums then more mums would breastfeed. 

Newsflash, you can be 16 and breastfeed your baby, wear a sexy nursing bra (they do exist!) And express milk for your baby if you want to leave them for a few hours (recommended age for doing this is over 6 weeks). It is possible and breastfeeding is adaptable to every single situation out there! 


Being a Touched Out Mum

I wish I was one of those mums who can deal with spending every minute of every day with my child. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE spending time with Freddie when he’s not being an arse. But I can safely say that by the end of my weekend off work i am ready to run away with nothing but clothes on my back shouting ‘freedom!!!!!’

Sometimes I don’t even know how I managed before I worked when I never spent any time away from freddie. I thought I would be a bad mum if I left him with granny and pops for a few hours. But looking back now I can see that I didn’t cope very well at all and I am a much better mum now that I’ve started listening to my feelings the same way I listen to freddies.

I was always angry, teary and touched out and I would get frustrated with him so easily.  If I ever have another kid I know not to make that mistake. Fuck you society and all your standards of what being a good mum is. You know what, if I need to have a night off once in a.while in order to charge my batteries and be a better mum then that’s what I shall do and you can go fuck yourself if you don’t like it. 

The truth is; adults, kids and babies are all different. We as a society need to stop expecting all mums to fit into this one size fits all because it’s never gonna happen! 

Just because fanny Anne down the road spends every minute of every day with her 6 children and hasnt had a mental breakdown yet doesnt mean im a bad mum for losing my rag and needing time out. Because there are other times I’m splashing in muddy puddles with him, blowing bubbles, giving him kisses, making him healthy organic food for tea (after having McDonald’s for lunch ofcourse) and he knows I love him. He knows this because I tell him a million times a day, he knows this because I work my ass off for him and he knows this because I’m the only parent he’s got who hasn’t given up on him.

We give kids the opportunity of spending time away from the family home with their friends for sleepovers or even just playing in their bedroom on their own so why don’t we give ourself that opportunity without beating ourselves up? (I don’t mean playing in your bedroom by yourself… unless that’s what you want ofcourse!)

I take my hat off to the mums who don’t need time out to themselves. You are amazing and I don’t know how you do it. But I also take my hat off to the mums who admit they’re not perfect and they need time out every now and again. 

And before I get some negative Nancy comment on this; I’m not justifying leaving your newborn baby who has barely left your vag so you can go and get pissed up down your local pub. I 100% advocate spending as much time in the 4th trimester with your baby as possible as it’s such a crucial time to bond. I 100% advocate spending as much time with your kid no matter what age as possible but sometimes it is not possible when you are going to throw them head first out your fucking window. 

To all the touched out mums out there, do whatever you need to do to be the best mum you can be to your kids. They will thank you for it.